We are so excited to have you join us in 2018 for our Competition Tour!  It is our desire to make sure you have every detail you need to make your experience with us excellent.  Please take time to download the Regional & State Welcome Book for all general details.  For site specific information, you can find the Contest Profile Sheets below. 
2018 Regional & State Welcome Book
Honor Your Director By Nominating Her To Be Recongized At Contest!
It's simple!  Whether you are a parent, student or fellow staff member, you can nominate your director to be recognized by writing a brief essay describing why she/he should win!  All submissions must be received the Wednesday prior to the contest date.

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Submit your photos today for a chance to win the $100 Cash Prize and title of the 2018 Photogenic Winner!
One winner for each Competition Tour site will be selected to move into the Final Photogenic Competition at a chance to win the $100 Cash Prize!  Each Semi-Finalist will be announced at the Award Ceremony at each tour site.

Questions?  Contact Victoria at vsdanceline@gmail.com


FEB. 23RD & 24TH

Location:  Weatherford High School
City:  Weatherford, TX
Region:  West DFW Area

*Please note that this competition will start the Friday prior to the contest date due to a High Participation Level.

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2018 State Fees
*For those seeking to be eligible for Division I, Double Division I, Sweepstakes, Platinum Sweepstakes, and/or Grand Champion.  Competitors must register for 3 or more of the these similar entries, in different genres to be eligible for the highest recognitions.
Team = $245 each
Officer = $225 each

*For those seeking to be awarded based on their individual entries.
High School Solo (9th - 12th grade) = $95 each
Independent High School Solo (9th-12th grade) = $105 each
Junior High Solo (7th-9th grade) = $85 each
Junior Solo (4th-6th grade) = $85 each
Young Junior Solo (1st-3rd grade) = $85 each
Mascot Solo (Pre-K - Kinder) = $85 each
Independent Mascot to Junior High Scolo = $95 each
Photogenic = $25 each

*For those seeking to be awarded based on their special group entries.

Duet Entry = $150 each
Trio Entry = $165 each
Small Ensemble (4-6 dancers) = $175 each
Medium Ensemble (7-10 dancers) = $195 each
Large Ensemble (11-15 dancers) = $205 each
Student Choreographed Ensemble = $205 each

Please register under classifications according to your team skill level, size and institution to help us better adjudicate for your dancers' best performance. Specific awards for various classifications will be based on number of entries per class, institution, age and team size. There must be at least three in various classifications to deem specific class awards. Classifications will be divided or combined according to number of participants in each classification, division and category per contest.
Class I: The majority of dancers have 1-2 years of training and dance at a beginner to intermediate skill level.
Class II: The majority of dancers have 3-5 years of training and dance at an intermediate to advanced skill level.
Class III: The majority of dancers have 6 or more years of training and dance at an advanced skill level.
Division changes will be accommodated if written notice is submitted to Danceline office at least one week prior to competition. 

Small Team = 2-15 dancers      
Medium Team = 16-29 dancers
Large Team = 30-49 dancers      
Mega Team = 50+

Age/Grade division is based on the average grade of team competing.
Mascots: Pre- K & K  
Young Juniors: 1st - 3rd Grade  
Juniors: 4th - 6th Grade  
Junior High: 7th - 9th Grade  
Junior Varsity: 9th - 10th Grade  
Varsity/High School: 10th - 12th Grade
Collegiate: Ages 18-24 associated with a college
Studio: Teams that are associated with a privately run dance or performance studio.
School: Teams that are associated with public or private schools.
Community: Teams that are associated with a community run organization.
College: Teams that are associated with a college or university.
Division changes will be accommodated if written notice is submitted to Danceline office at least one week prior to competition.

Solo: Open to all participants. Competitors in the solo division should enter appropriate age division.
Duet: Open to all participants. Duets are comprised of only two dancers who must demonstrate an equal amount of performance time.
Trio: Open to all participants. Trios are comprised of only three dancers who must demonstrate an equal amount of performance time.
Small Ensemble: Made up of 4-6 performers of a dance/drill team. Small Ensembles are eligible for division one ribbons or medals, and all special awards.   
Large Ensemble: Made up of 7-11 performers of a dance/drill team. Large Ensembles are eligible for division one ribbons or medals, and all special awards.     
Student Choreographed Ensemble: We are pleased to recognize your talented young choreographers! Ensembles that has been choreographed exclusively by a student may enter this category for a special award. A first, second and third place plaque or trophy will be awarded for scores 90 and above. Please note if an ensemble is entered under Student Choreography they are not elegible for general ensemble awards.     
Officer: Officers may enter all categories. There is no limit of entries per officer group. 
Team: Teams may enter all categories for competition. There is no limit of entries per team. 
?How Do I figure the Size of My Team
The size of your team should be determined based on the average number of performers for all TEAM routines entered.  Danceline requires that you perform at least 70% of your team for all team routines at any Danceline competition.
It is the sole responsibility of the director to register their team for the correct Team size and alert the Danceline office of any changes that occur BEFORE the day of competition.
All group routines should be at least 1 ½ minutes and no longer than 3 minutes in length for actual performance time. (excluding entrance and exit) Production routines must be at least 3 minutes and no more than 6 minutes performance time. Solos must be at least 1 ½ and no more than 2 ½ minutes in length. There will be a deduction in points should routines go over performance time limit. Additionally, please note in registration if your team will require exta 
setup/breakdown time for props so we can plan accordingly in our scheduling. Groups should plan to enter and exit floor as quickly as possible.
A tentative schedule of competition will be posted to our homepage on the Tuesday of the competition week. Directors are responsible for checking this schedule for all updates and changes that will occur throughout the week. Danceline strives to provide the best competition schedule for all participants and therefore will not allow changes to the schedule after 5pm on the Thursday prior to the contest date. The only changes allowed after the deadline will be cancellations. All schedule inquiries can be made to our office at dancelineusa@aol.com.
Consideration of all participants is expected at all times. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification-no exceptions. We expect professionalism from our performers as well as spectators.
See More Details on Rules & Regulations