Private Home Team CAMP PROGRAMS
Private Camps may be a more cost-effective option for your group. Like our hotel team camps, our private camps offer a curriculum to meet the unique needs of your group. Each routine is designed to best fit your team's strengths and skill level at NO EXTRA COST! Our staff will help analyze your team's unique stengths and provide you with routines and team building programs focused on growth and designed to produce results. Full private camp days are typically six hours.

“We had such a good time at our private camp.  The staff were so caring and motivating.  We loved the routines!  
I can’t wait to have you back!”  

- Codi Irwin, Terrell HS Director
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Our staff work hard to customize your curriculum with a very personal touch.  We give you the power to choose so that your team camp is tailored to fit your dance, team building and budget needs!​

We will beat any competitiors pricing for Home Team Camps!  Call us and get a quote that works for your budget.  Offering Scholarships for a limited number of teams who register with a non-refundable deposit by April 1st.  Contact our office with more details and we will do our best to work with your budget.
2020 Private Home Team Camp Prices

Price is based on dates selected and total number of dancers participating.

  1. Price for 16+ dancers
    Daily Flat Rate for 15 or less dancers
    Dates Applied
  2. Standard Price
    $40 per dancer, per day
    $600 per day
    June through August That Aren't Listed Below
  3. High Demand Price
    $50 per dancer, per day
    $725 per day
    July 27th - Aug 7th
  4. Limited Price
    $30 per dancer, per day
    $500 per day
    May 25-29, June 8-12, June 29-July 2
What is not included in the price?
  • Travel Fee is $85 per camp day
  • Smoke-free, safe hotel for Danceline Instructors.  Hotel reservation should begin the night prior to camp and end on the last day.     
    Director is responsible for securing the dance space and a safe hotel for instructors for the night prior to camp and each camp night.  If Danceline has to provide the hotel for instructors an additional 15% charge will be added to the hotel fee for processing fee.
  • Extensive travel to Texas Border Cities or Out of State.  School may be asked to incur an additional travel fee or provide airfare & rental car as part of the travel fee.
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“The personal attention to directors and girls is outstanding.  You know our names and work with our style and skill level.  I wouldn’t think of going to another camp! I loved the custom routines just for us!”  

- Susie Gayan, Paradise HS Director
Please note that all of our Private Camps offer Semi-Custom Routines meaning that we will make sure the choreography and formations is well-suited for your team.  If you want exclusive custom routines that are guaranteed to be original for your group only custom fees may apply.
  1. Custom Football Choreography
    $175 per routine Director must provide music by May 31st.
  2. Custom Contest Choreography
    $265 per routine Director must provide music by May 31st.
  3. Line Officer Training
    $25 per dancer, per day After the camp day is finished, Line Officers will stay an additional hour for customized leadership training.
  4. Social Officer Training
    $25 per dancer, per day After the camp day is finished, Social Officers will stay an additional hour for customized leadership training.

Sample Schedule

This is a sample only and is subject to change.  All Home Private Team Camps are Customized to meet the needs of each team and the schedule for camp will reflect that.

Daily Outline
9:00am - Welcome & Warm Up
9:30am - Dance Technique Assessment & Class
10am - Routine Session
12pm - Lunch
1pm - Team Bonding Activity & Warm-Up
1:30pm - Routine Session
3:30pm - Team Building Seminar & Routine Review
4pm - Dismissal -- Optional Leadership Training Begins 

Final Day
9:00am - Dance Technique Class
9:30am - Final Routine Session
11:30am - Elite Review & Auditions
12pm - Lunch
1pm - Routine Review
2pm - Routine Showoff & Award Ceremony

  • Two Routine Sessions Each Full Camp day including both Pep Rally & Field Options
  • Custom Team Assessment
  • Two Team Building Workshops Each Full Camp Day (based on Team assessment)
  • Opportunity for Custom Football, Pep Rally & Contest Choreography
  • Polishing Sessions
  • Stand Routines (upon request)
  • Field Entrances/Exits (upon request)
  • Daily Team Unity Time
  • Daily Warm-Up & Technique Sessions
  • Danceline Elite Performance Audition
  • One to Three Danceline Instructors based on Your Team Size
  • Personal Danceline Attention
We believe in offering performance and dance educational opportunities that are well-planned and allow dancers and parents to experience the best of our trip destinations. This prestigious performance group is selected each summer during our camp programs. All Danceline camp participants are eligible to audition. Selections are based on dance and performance ability, academic record and staff and director recommendations. Danceline trips vary each year and are set at the beginning of the summer season. Danceline Elite has performed and traveled to New York, Walt Disney World, Walt Disney Land, Los Angeles, Branson, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Cozumel and the Bahamas.