If I already registered, can I add entries
to my registration?

Additions can be made to your registration until 3 weeks prior to contest date.  You can make a revision to your registration by completeing the online form or downloading it to mail to our office.

Do I need to mail or fax in all of the
Accident/Medical Waivers?

No.  The Accident/Medical Release will be collected at the time of check in on the day of the contest.  Only organizations that are NOT affliated with a school need to have their dancers complete this form.  Participation in the contest can only be granted for those who turn this in.

If I have a dancer quit the team, what
should I do?

Do I bring my entire team to director
check in on the day of contest?

In the event that your team numbers change, complete a Contest Registration Revision to inform our office that your team size has changed.  Danceline competitions allow only the same size teams to compete against teach other and it is the responsibility of the director to make use aware of any changes.
No. We prefer that you keep your team outside of the director registration until all business is handled. The host school will have a representative ready to greet them once registration is complete.
?How Do I figure the Size of My Team
The size of your team should be determined based on the average number of performers for all TEAM routines entered.  Danceline requires that you perform at least 70% of your team for all team routines at any Danceline competition.
It is the sole responsibility of the director to register their team for the correct Team size and alert the Danceline office of any changes that occur BEFORE the day of competition.

What should be listed on our music and where do I turn it in?

You are welcome to turn in all music at the
beginning of the day to the sound table
located in each performing area. Only put
one song per CD. Label CD with the
following: Team Name, School, Genre,
Category (Team, Officer, etc).  For soloist or
duets, please list first and last name as well.
Also, be sure to bring a back up of music
that is on a different form of media such as
an iPod or mp3 player in the event your CD does not play.

Can I add my Anita Jefferson Conley
Award name on the day of contest?

If we are not scheduled to perform until later can we check in late?

 No. The awarded dancers name must be submitted at time of registration or added 3 weeks prior to the contest date.
Yes, please inform our office prior to contest of when you will arrive.  Late cehck-in will
always take place at sound table in Main
Gym.  Note you must arrive at least 1 hour
prior to performance as we may be ahead
of schedule.  All directors must check in
to get their contest wristbands, VIP name badge and any updates to the schedule.

Does my bus driver or assistant director
have to pay admission into the contest?

 No, however, we do ask that you make our office aware of how each assistant director’s full name.  Each team is granted a maximum of 3 contest passes to be used for bus drivers and chaperones.  These will be given at the time of director check-in.

What if we cannot stay for the Awards

If you are unable to leave at least one representative for the awards, please let us know prior to contest. You will have to pay to have your trophies, score sheets, etc shipped to you. We will inform you of the shipping costs after the contest and will not ship until we have received shipping payment.

Is there a penalty for late payment of tuition fees?

Yes. Failure to have your full balance paid at least 2 weeks prior to contest date could result in a late fee of $200. In addition, if payment is not made in full by the day of contest then your team may compete but may not receive awards during award ceremony.

When should performers by ready?

Performers should be ready at least 30 minutes prior their performance time.  Performers should check in with the Danceline Representative at the performance checkpoint and stay in the cued area until performance time.